Modern Russia
Political Information
Form of Government Democratic
Head of State or Leader Andrew Weberk
Capital Moscow, Russia, Modern Russia
Military Branches Modern Russian Army

Modern Russian Marine Corps

Modern Russian Air Corps

Societal Information
Language Russian
Economic System Communism
Population 1.7 trillion
Currency Euro
Religions Christian, Orthodox (93%)

Christian, Catholicism (6%)

Other (1%)

National Holidays Day of Good Bringings (January 1)

Day of Russian Birth (June 12)

Day of Soviet Birth (December 30)

Day of Modern Russian Birth (August 1, 3019, BNE)

National Anthem Russian Victory over the Stars!
Historical Information
Independence Declared June 4, 3019 BNE
Independence Recognized August 1, 3019 BNE
Modern Russia, also known as New Sovietism and Russia, is a democratic, communist state that lasted from 3019 BNE to 12 NE that evolved from the former Soviet Commonwealth.